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Peoples Jewellers is the largest retailer of fine jewelry in Canada, with nearly 150 locations from the Maritimes to British Columbia. Founded in 1919 as a family business, Peoples Jewellers was the first company in Canada to sell jewelry on a time payment plan. From this modest beginning, the company grew to a national business, and by 1957 was the largest credit jeweller in the British Commonwealth. Today, Peoples Jewellers continues to offer its customers a wide variety of credit programs.


Peoples Jewellers wanted to focus on providing choices to customers who seek excellent value in fine jewelry, with the help of Facebook ad tools, to turn more of its website visitors into paying customers.

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The Strategy that I follow for Peoples Jewellers

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  • Write copy that converts

Peoples Jewellers entered a competitive space of jewelry brands, and their price point was much higher than many of their competitors.

Being that Peoples Jewellers is a luxury brand, I knew I needed a copy that was spot on or our target audience wouldn't "buy it.

Some of the things I did for Peoples Jewellers were relatively small changes – changing the ad copy to be more targeted, testing more than one piece of ad content and digging into the pixel events to prevent mis-firing issues. While other changes were a bit more dramatic like restructuring ad campaigns into our funnel strategy.

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  • Using A Funnel Strategy To Convert A Cold Audience

When Peoples Jewellers had used other agencies or tried to run ads themselves, through our free campaign audit, we discovered a huge hole in their strategy.

They were not using Facebook's advanced targeting (1) target a cold audience most likely to convert and (2) retarget their low funnel prospects effectively.

With our proven funnel strategy, we were able to explode Peoples Jewellers' return on ad spend from 3.5X to 12.56X.

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  • Digging Into Technical Issues To Optimize Ads

The first thing I have done is build a strong foundational structure. Facebook advertising campaigns are a lot like building a house.

This means installing your Facebook pixel, standard events, custom conversions, and organizing and creating your custom audiences and look-a-like audiences in an organized way.

The results were low-funnel ads that converted at 18X. I can focus on other parts of the business now that I trust Fall Line to focus on customer acquisition.

Fall-Line takes ownership of the results and optimizes them throughout the campaign.

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Here are two additional things I have done from the beginning,
that we’re now doing for other brands also.

Increase ad spend and scale campaigns. At the 17X we got Peoples Jewellers there was money being left on the table. When you narrowly focus on return on ad spend (ROAS), you don’t give yourself the opportunity to get the most amount of incremental sales as you increase your budget. I would have applied my scaling rules to increase spend as long as we were hitting a certain ROAS to generate even more revenue. A high ROAS is great, but even better is a maintainable ROAS + incremental revenue.

Deploy an up-sell strategy to recent purchasers. With clients similar to Peoples Jewellers , I’ve tested a strategy where I target recent purchasers with an upsell offer, and the results have been outstanding. Recent purchasers are low hanging fruit because they’re already very familiar with your brand, but they also shouldn’t be abused as they just purchased your product, and might appreciate a breather from the ads. This strategy is worth testing from the beginning as we’ve seen above average results while maintaining high scores for similar clients.

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In addition to the sweepstakes, brillinfosystems handled their social posting and engagement, content, and PPC ad campaigns as well as SEO. I’ve put an immense amount of effort into specializing in growing Peoples Jewellers, and when I bring on new clients I am able to hit the ground running and get you the results you deserve. Don’t settle for average.

They chose brillinfosystems to design and facilitate year-long social sweepstakes and saw their Facebook audience grow by 1000 fans in less than five months.